Last night I dreamt I was in a relationship with Rachel Berry and we were looking into putting in a dishwasher in our kitchen

Hey! I love your art work, and some of your manips are so realistic it's scary ;) Have you read any Faberry fanfiction by Poetzproblem? She's my favorite writer, highly recommended!! I was wondering if you would be so kind and make some art for her "Don't Blink" series? If you have the time and inspiration? Quinn's hair is short, like season 3, and Rachel's more like season 1, no bangs. They Kiss for the first time on a bench in Central Park, and four years later get married there. Thank you :-)

Hiya, thanks for your kind words. I’ll def look into it! I’m just finishing reading silence of silence for the billionth time so I’ll need something new to read, and I’ll see what I can do :)

What is your link to faberry manips? I can't get to them on mobile

I think its probs just tagged/manips!